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When we talk about Antivirus Software packages that are available in the market today, there are many names that pop up in our mind. Many of these antivirus programs offer trial version before you purchase their software so that you can rest assured that this is the one you want. Avast is primarily doing the very same thing. Giving you a quality software at zero price, so that you can be completely satisfied that this is exactly what you want. Our software comes dynamically packed with features that give you complete protection against Trojans, Spyware, Malwarebytes etc. It is best in class performance leaves you in no doubt about how a software should seamlessly work with your computer.

However like everything else, it too has certain limitations. There might be certain issues that you face while using Avast because of either its prerequisites or because of improper updates and such. A few of the most common issues are listed below for your consideration.

Previous Antivirus software

It might not work if there is another antivirus already downloaded on your system. All anti viruses have certain requirements to install and run properly. One of those basic requirements with Avast is the necessity that only one antivirus be installed. If you have a previous antivirus, you might have to uninstall that and clear memory of your computer, before you install Avast on your computer.

Operating system upgrade

While we are talking about Installation requirements of Avast, we might as well talk about your operating system. Just like other applications, Avast has basic Operating system requirements. It might not work with an old model, say Microsoft Windows XP. If by some chance it does work on XPA, it will make the sudden extremely slow. Please understand that Avast comes packed with a lot of features for which your XP computer might just be too tired. You can opt for an antivirus which has a lighter software.

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Registration or license key is not working

This is a technical glitch. Often one has to put in the registration or the license key manually while installing the software. Because of this, there might be certain issues at times like incorrect key, or incorrect user rights etc. You will need to recheck that you have put on the correctly and retry. I’d the problem still continues, please feel free to contact us at Avast by McAfee customer support system. Our executives will help you with it.

The upgrade of the application is not preceding

While some Anti viruses require to be updated manually, Avast will find an update on the Internet when required and install on its own. However sometimes even the best can have some issues. The upgrade might not let you precede to the next step on your computer. You might have to stop the update and do it manually. If the problem persists try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Antivirus program. If it still doesn’t proceed to the next level, feel free to call our Avast Customer Service Centre.

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