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Antivirus software packages have become an extremely important and non-dispensable asset of every computer based device. Whether it’s computer, laptop, smart phone or a tablet - they all require the support of Antivirus software packages to protect them from dangers. Online threats in the form of virus, Trojan ware, adware, spyware can affect your devices and steal your valuable information from you. Hence in order to prevent that, install McAfee Antivirus software which would protect you from all kinds of outside threats for your system.

However, some issues might pop up while using the software. This can happen with any product in the market for one reason or the other. If you are facing any such problem, then contact McAfee customer support for help. But there are some frequently asked questions by the customers regarding some common problems which can be easily sorted out by themselves with a little bit of help. Let us look at a few of them:

McAfee Antivirus not working properly

Problem: Antivirus is not cleaning all the files and/or showing errors during cleaning process.

Solution: If you are facing such a problem and that you have already had the anti-virus software for a while, then chances are that you might still be using an older version. In such a situation, download the updates or the latest version from our website.

Antivirus not installing

Problem: During installation process, the client is shutting down or is not registering the product key.

Solution: If the install client is shutting down on its own on your PC, then try running the client in administration mode. You can do this by right-clicking on the setup file and selecting the ‘run as administrator’ option. If you are having issues with product key saying that the key is already in use, then you might have gotten an already used key. in such a situation, contact McAfee technical support immediately.

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McAfee Lost login details

Problem: Forgot the email and password details for logging into the McAfee security software.

Solution: If you have lost your login details, then you can reset your details from our official site. You can either provide your registration number of the McAfee product, or the email address or the username of your ID. You will be sent a link on your email address, from where you can type and set a new password.

McAfee Losing internet connection

Problem: Not receiving internet connection on your device.

Solution: If the antivirus is causing disruption with your internet connection, then try and check for any update issues with your operating system. If there are some updates pending or not installed, then install them and reboot your system. Further, scan the whole system using McAfee antivirus software. There might be a chance that McAfee is blocking connection due to presence of a virus. Scan all the files in the computer and then reboot the system.

Connectivity issues with mobile devices

Problem: McAfee software not working properly with mobile devices.

Solution: if you are using McAfee security software for your mobile or tablet devices, and find the app not functioning properly, then check all the updates of those devices. If you have some important updates pending of your operating system, then update those first, then reboot the device and try connecting again. Please note that although, our product supports most of the operating systems and a lot of versions of android, it might not support older devices that still have older operating systems or systems that no longer receive updates such as android versions lesser than 4.0. If despite all this, you are still facing problems, then contact McAfee customer support immediately.

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